BIKE shop

If you are a first-time rider, a mountain biking enthusiast or anything in between, this is the place for you!


Installation included for any parts purchased through NOSARA MTB.
Special orders are available regarding bikes and other specific gear. 


Services listed below are not all-inclusive; our certified Shimano & SRAM mechanic has 10+ years of experience — the best in the area!

Minimum Work Stand Time – $10
Quick Brake Bleed – $15 (each)
Tubeless Setup – $15 and up (per wheel)
Wheel Build – $35 plus parts (per wheel)
Flat Tire Change – $5 wheel off bike; $10 wheel on bike
Hub Overhaul – $10 (per wheel)
Tire Sealant – $5 (per ounce)
Pad Replacement – $10 (does not include pads)
 Adjust Derailleur – $10 
Replace Cassette – $5
Replace Derailleur Cable & Housing – $10
 Fork Install – $30
 Change Stem and/or Handlebar – $10
Box Bike for Shipping – $65
Assemble Bike from Box –
$40 beach cruiser
$50 mountain bike


Focused on offering education & access to support the
growth of our local biking community.

One-on-One Bike Repair
Clinics, ex: Flat Tire Repair
Chain Installation
Calibrating Gear Shifting
Community Tool Program